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09 Apr 2009

Internet Explorer 8

So far this year I've not seen many people use IE8 to visit my web site. Of the IE users, IE6 is still by far the most common version with 68.5% of the IE user-base, with IE7 coming in a very poor second with only 27.5%. At the moment there are more IE5 and IE4 users out there than IE8 - that can't be good news for Microsoft.

Amongst Firefox users, 82.8% are on the latest version, which should give them the best possible user experience and the safest browsing possible with the Firefox platform.

Comparing the two and excluding all other browsers, the most popular browser on 48.1% is IE6, followed by FF3 on 24.7% and in third place is IE7 on 19.3%. The overall split of IE to FF is very much as last year - no major change. Microsoft are still holding on to their monopoly but dangerously for them they are getting very little upgrade to newer versions.

As with browsers, Windows users seem to be reluctant to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, XP still outnumbers Vista users by an order of magnitude, which can't be good news given that XP is antique and Vista it's self is due for replacement this year...