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14 Apr 2009

Windows 7 DOA?

Microsoft have dug an awfully big hole and are now standing at the bottom of it. The current economic condition is a bit like pouring a few tonnes of raw sewage on top of them...

Basically Microsoft failed to replace Windows XP quickly enough with Vista. Windows is a swine to get right and previously Microsoft's continuous moving of the goal posts prevented anyone from settling down getting things just right. Vista came out far to late and people had finally got XP working right and were not keen to start all over again getting things right.

To most non Windows users Windows Vista looks okay, it's slow and not exactly innovative when compared with Mac OSX or Linux, but it seems to work okay. To Windows users it less popular, lots of legacy Windows programs don't work and Vista is missing lots of drivers to existing hardware - it's also slower than XP and takes a lot of relearning.

Microsoft panicked and have pretty much abandoned Vista allowing people to buy Vista but actually install and run XP. They then rushed out a fairly insignificant service pack and when that failed to work, announced that a new version of Windows would fix everything.

Reports in the press now suggest that companies have no plans to migrate to Windows 7 - the current economy precludes unnecessary expenditure and even Microsoft will allow people who buy Windows 7 to freely "downgrade" to Windows XP...

It is madness, they have dug a big hole and don't know how to get out of it... Even killing off Windows XP isn't going to help Vista sales now that Windows 7 is on the horizon. Microsoft will have to kill XP and Vista and hope that something new arrives that only works with Windows 7.

Given Microsoft's appalling track record in innovation and most companies fear of them it's unlikely that anything is going to come along that will save their bacon. The best they can hope for is a destructive computer virus that XP is very vulnerable to but Vista/7 is resistant too - which isn't too outlandish Microsoft killed NT4 and 2K with that trick before...