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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

22 Apr 2009

Next Product Interface

For much of the last and this week I've been working on an interface between one of our pumps and SAP. It's been not the easiest process, lots of little problems but it had mostly come together by yesterday. Today we learned that the pump in question will be manufactured for at least another 6 months with three incompatible interfaces. It means a lot of unexpected work at a time when I don't have any extra time to do more work.

I think the business will be reasonable and accept a delay - they are after all getting three times the work, but that eats into following projects which other parts of the business won't be happy with.

The Perl and Unix/Linux side of the work has been dead easy. Even the SAP development has turned out to be quite simple, I have mostly just made minor tweaks to existing code. The Windows side has - as to be expected - been the most complicated and difficult part of the development. Nothing on Windows is easy or straight forward - everything is complicated and obtuse - it's no wonder most software for Windows systems is buggy and unreliable - the underlying platform is so awkward.