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05 May 2009

Yet Another Batch of Jam

I've done three batches of jam this spring. So far I've done a batch of champagne rhubarb, rhubarb and ginger and today a batch of rhubarb and orange marmalade. Recipes as previous years, though I did cut the sugar levels down this year as previous years have been very sweet and if you can increase the fruit levels it's worth it.

IE's Fall From Grace

IE is one of the most hated browsers if you are a web designer. It's buggy, unreliable, incompatible between versions and very common. To be fair, after many years of neglect, Microsoft have upgraded it and version 7 and 8 are clearly much better than version 6. The problem is that most Microsoft users don't seem to have upgraded from 6 to 7 and almost no body is using version 8.

For most of this year the ratio of IE users to Mozilla Gecko based browser has been shifting strongly against Microsoft, with Firefox and IE now at equal billing as the most common browsers most of the time. If you factor in the other Gecko based browsers, then Microsoft is no longer the most common browser almost all the time.

It's clear than IE users are not upgrading to the newer versions even though they are better. It's also clear that Firefox will be the dominant browser to visit my site and indeed many more sites by the end of this year.

Of the other browsers Opera continues to struggle, which is a terrible shame as it's very fast, works on many systems and has a good security track record. The KHTML based browsers such as Safari, Chrome and Konqeror don't seem to be making headway either, of them Safari is clearly the most common and though backed by Google, Chrome is less common than Konqeror - which is odd as Konqeror is a Linux browser and Chrome is Windows based and there are far more Windows desktops than Linux ones.

Next year's aggregate statistic may show some striking differences with last years stats.