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11 Jul 2009

I Was (partially) Wrong

Some time ago I had a discussion with a colleague about weather Google would release their own OS to complete with Microsoft Windows. I felt and still feel that it's a lot of effort for Google and the pay back isn't worth it.

Evidently Google think that there is some money to be made from their own OS and this week announced that they will be releasing their own Linux distro called "Chrome OS" for ARM and x86 netbooks in 2H 2010.

The media (as usual) failed to realise it's just another Linux distro and like all previous distros it will be based on something existing plus it will have something new to bring to the party. Google are known to be a Debian/Ubuntu fan so it will probably be based on Debian but with a very light-weight Google front end and be designed for a Web 2.0 world.

The good news is that it will probably drag some hardware vendors to the table with hardware specs, as even Google can't tinker with the Linux kernel without sharing their tinkering. As it's being primarily targeted at the ARM processor it will also eliminate the normal Wintel inertia problem that often harms people's migration away from Windows - most netbooks started out on Linux only, but it was easy for Microsoft to push people back to the BSOD that they were use to with little effort.

We live in interesting times...