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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

01 Aug 2009


Shortly we are going on holiday to France and plan to use the normally excellent rail service offered by SNCF to get about.

However one minor requirement is a decent map of the rail network in the Auvergne where we plan to travel so we can decided exactly where we are going to go. It's hardly a complex requirement, a simple PDF with coloured line maps and stations will do along with easy access to the timetables.

SNCF/TER don't seem to think the way I do. Their marketing droids think a crude flash animation with and handful of stations will do and a web application that lets me pick my route, assuming of course I know all the station names.

I thus resorted to Google searching for a decent rail map of the region and so far most of my searches have found sites where people ask the same question "Where is there a decent map of the French rail network". There are plenty of low scale and old maps out there, though even they are not on the SNCF or TER web sites.

One day when the revolution comes, marketing people and graphic designers will be the first up against the wall...

So dear lazyweb, "Where can I get a decent rail map of France?"