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11 Aug 2009

Bison Designs

Nearly a decade ago, when I lived in the US, I bought a nylon webbing belt made by Bison Designs. I liked it so much that I bought two more. I used them daily for over 6 years and then the Polyoxymethylene (aka Delrin) buckle on one them died and then to my horror I broke an other one by standing on it.

I ordered replacements from Bison and a few weeks later they turned up in the post, via a proxy as they don't sell outside the US. I liked the replacement though the drape and design on the original belts was better.

After two years of use the buckle on one of the new belts died. This time I wasn't happy, two years isn't very long, a fraction of the time my originals had lasted so I emailed Bison Designs to complain. A nice lady replied and said I should just pop all the broken belts in the post and they'd fix them all. When they say a life time warranty, then really mean it!

Today my belts turned up in the post, all as good as new!