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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

23 Aug 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 00-01)

We're on holiday! No more work for us. Even though SNCF did their best to thwart our plans we set off on time with a viable plan. Even better we got a lift to the station from friends in the village and SWT upgraded us to First Class for the section of the trip into London.

Eurostar are a pain, check-in takes an age and you can't take BS EN417:1992 gas cannisters on their trains, apparently they are dangerous... I believe lots of people take aerosol sprays on with them and they are full of butane too... Anyhow we made it to Paris by Saturday night all in one piece.

On the Sunday we had to get hold of a gas cylinder for our stove, which is a pain as we had forgotten the converter for the readily available CampingGaz "blue" piercable cartridges. As most shops in France are closed on a Sunday this was inconvenient, but in the end we found a Decathlon open that had one Primus cylinder in stock.