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25 Aug 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 02-03)

We took the SNCF TER Corail service down to Clermont-Ferrand from Paris in the morning. Not as fast as the more modern SNCF TGV service but still a pretty decent InterCity service and a decent 30 kmh-1 faster than a car on the motorway. At Clermont-Ferrand we changed for a local service to Pontgibaud were we set the tent up at the small municipal camping site.

Our first shock came as we were putting up the tent, my partner's mother was diagnosed with Type A (H1N1/09) 'flu and there was a good chance we'd come down with it!

Our second surprise was the sheer strength of the thunderstorm that started after dinner and lasted almost until breakfast... We knew that a storm was predicted we just didn't expect it to be so loud and last so long.

On day 3 we decided not to go far as it was a bit grey and damp. We went up to a local lake for a walk. We didn't get very far before it started to rain again. It didn't stop all day, or for that matter, all night! At least we haven't gone down with 'flu yet...