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26 Aug 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 04)

Today was our first day with the Donkey!

The day started well, it had eventually stopped raining and we hadn't been washed away during the downpour - the campsite was on the bank of a river...!

We packed up the camp and climbed into the taxi for the short ride to the trail head where we'd pick up our donkey for the holiday. We were dropped off by the bread oven in the warm August sun hoping we were in the right place and the the donkey would turn up.

After a painfully long wait Mr "Volc'Ânes" turned up with Manon our donkey. After a quick briefing about Donkeys we set-off on our own with all our stuff on the back of a half-grey-half-Provence donkey...

The first few kilometres was not very good, our stuff kept slipping from one side to another. We unloaded Manon over lunch and then reloaded her afterwards and made it safely to our first overnight in the tiny Hamlet of Mazeye.

Still no 'flu symptoms...