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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

28 Aug 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 05-06)

Our first dry night! It's not that the Ferrino tent leaks much but rain and thunder doesn't help with the sleeping...

The morning broke beautifully and we were able to pack up in glorious sunshine. When we went to collect Manon the donkey she was still there so we headed off for our first full day of donkey trekking without any problems.

After a few hours we arrived at Orcival several kilometres to the south. We put Manon in her coral for the night and booked into the the hotel (no camping facilities here). Not the best hotel in the world but it was clean and dry.

Refreshed from our night in a bed we set off to the near by lake of Lac de Servières. We arrived around lunch time and spent all day here. Everyone wants to take a picture of Manon or feed her some leaves - she is proving quite popular!

Tonight we wild camp by the lake - a bit of a change from a hotel. At least it's a beautiful day.

Still no 'flu symptoms...