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30 Aug 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 07-08)

Woke up in the middle of the night. The sky looks very pretty when there is no light pollution! Can't say it was a quiet night though, the local fisherman made quite a racket most of the night. At least we had a quite breakfast as most of the fishermen left for their breakfasts and the day visitors hadn't arrived by the time we left.

Next we trekked east for the day to just south of Puy de Lassolas and Puy de Vache, where the park headquarters are. We setup camp on the lawn and put Manon in a vast and luxurious paddock - there were no other horses or donkeys in

Another cool night, but warmer than the night at 1200 m by the lake. The facilities at the Gites d'étape are good and we were able to use them for only €4. The morning started out beautiful again.

This morning we hiked up round the two near by volcanoes: Puy de Lassolas and Puy de Vache - well worth the effort. In the afternoon we packed up our stuff and set off for Laschamps.

Another night wild camping but lower again so it should be warmer again. Tomorrow Manon has the day off as we hike up the 1464 m of the nearby Puy de Dôme volcano.

Still no 'flu symptoms, looks like we are okay.