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23 Sep 2009


At the moment I'm testing a new browser at the moment. Arora is very fast but lacks a built-in adblocker. I could just install Squid on my home server and route everything through that but I'm finding most community sites not too badly plagued with adverts unlike many commercial sites that are overloaded to the point of being unusable.

For my own amusment here are some Perl community adverts:

16 Sep 2009

De-Programming Windows Refugees

Carla Schroder's blog article De-Programming Windows Refugees is really interesting. Obviously it makes the point about getting Windows users to unlearn all the bad habits they have picked up if they want to upgrade to a proper operating system. It's often easier to teach Unix to someone who has never used a computer than a seasoned Windows user...

She goes on to make a more interesting observation. The marketing drones at Microsoft and Apple go on about how "intuitive" their products are, yet when you think about it that's an absurd claim.

Neither the Mac nor Windows are intuitive, and I wish the word "intuitive" would go away entirely because the poor thing is so misused it needs a long vacation. Here is a dictionary definition of intuitive: "Known or perceived by intuition."
What is intuition? "The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition."
Some synonyms are clairvoyance, innate knowledge, instinct, premonition, presentiment. Some antonyms are knowledge and reason.

O'Reilly's best selling book isn't anything to do with "hard" Linux but it's "easy" Macs that need manuals: Mac OS X, the Missing Manual....

06 Sep 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 14-15)

We went on our shopping expedition on Saturday. We decided to try the Paris velib' bikes out. It was very interesting, scary in a few places but mostly very good and cheap.

We got the birthday gift we wanted and the gas converter we wanted, and saw new bits of Paris. Some sections of the city are very pretty and easy to view from bikes - some less so!

In the evening we went for dinner with family to celebrate a birthday. A very civilised end to a fantastic holiday.

Today was back to Blighty by Eurostar. Not so exciting but at least it didn't rain on us back from the station. Tomorrow it's back to work...!

04 Sep 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 11-13)

The return to Paris was uneventful. We got a lift back. It was cheaper than by train but it took almost twice as long to get home. Even at motorway speeds and with little or no congestion, the normal rail service is just so much more direct and faster than car travel.

After spending the night in Paris we drove out of Paris out to visit family. We did a whistle stop tour and said Bonjour to the in-laws. We spent a very quite night in the country - good for getting a good night's sleep without metro trains rumbling by.

This morning we took the train back to Paris. After a quick lunch we set out into Paris on a shopping research expedition. We did all the usual shops: Fnac, Decathlon, and Au Vieux Campeur. Tomorrow we shall go and buy stuff.

01 Sep 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 09-10)

We walked to the top of Puy de Dôme in the morning where we were met family from Paris who took the shuttle bus to the top. It wasn't such a bad hike, we did it in about 45 minutes (with breaks) from the start of the trail.

The view from the top was fantastic and it was very much worth the effort of walking up. After lunch and a gentle stroll round the top we walked down while the others returned on the shuttle bus.

As with the previous night we had a very mild night camping in Laschamps.

Today has been our last day with Manon the donkey. We walked from Laschamps back to our start point at the bread oven in Les Roches. It was a gentle (mostly) down hill walk weaving between the tree covered bases of several volcano cones. Today my partner's mother came with us, she wanted to walk with a donkey and was full recovered from 'flu so was able to come with us on the walk.

Today has been the day with the most rain of the holiday that we had to be outside. Thankfully the thunderstorm broke while we were under forest cover so we didn't get wet. We got back to Les Roches and put our stuff in the car no more than a minute before another storm broke over our head. While you wouldn't say the trip has been without rain, we have been incredibly lucky so far in not getting too wet.

Tonight we are in a hotel, tomorrow we will go back to Paris.