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01 Sep 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 09-10)

We walked to the top of Puy de Dôme in the morning where we were met family from Paris who took the shuttle bus to the top. It wasn't such a bad hike, we did it in about 45 minutes (with breaks) from the start of the trail.

The view from the top was fantastic and it was very much worth the effort of walking up. After lunch and a gentle stroll round the top we walked down while the others returned on the shuttle bus.

As with the previous night we had a very mild night camping in Laschamps.

Today has been our last day with Manon the donkey. We walked from Laschamps back to our start point at the bread oven in Les Roches. It was a gentle (mostly) down hill walk weaving between the tree covered bases of several volcano cones. Today my partner's mother came with us, she wanted to walk with a donkey and was full recovered from 'flu so was able to come with us on the walk.

Today has been the day with the most rain of the holiday that we had to be outside. Thankfully the thunderstorm broke while we were under forest cover so we didn't get wet. We got back to Les Roches and put our stuff in the car no more than a minute before another storm broke over our head. While you wouldn't say the trip has been without rain, we have been incredibly lucky so far in not getting too wet.

Tonight we are in a hotel, tomorrow we will go back to Paris.