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04 Sep 2009

Summer Holiday 2009 (Day 11-13)

The return to Paris was uneventful. We got a lift back. It was cheaper than by train but it took almost twice as long to get home. Even at motorway speeds and with little or no congestion, the normal rail service is just so much more direct and faster than car travel.

After spending the night in Paris we drove out of Paris out to visit family. We did a whistle stop tour and said Bonjour to the in-laws. We spent a very quite night in the country - good for getting a good night's sleep without metro trains rumbling by.

This morning we took the train back to Paris. After a quick lunch we set out into Paris on a shopping research expedition. We did all the usual shops: Fnac, Decathlon, and Au Vieux Campeur. Tomorrow we shall go and buy stuff.