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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

04 Oct 2009


Went to see two films this week. Like busses you wait for ages then two turn up at once...

The first film was "Creation", a biographical look at Charles Darwin's life before the publication of "Origin". I always knew he suffered from poor health, was devastated by the death of his daughter and had serious problems with religious faith, but this film sets him as a seriously tortured genius. If it's still on at a cinema near you, then watch it, and you'll get an understanding of probably the greatest scientist England ever produced and genesis of the greatest break through in biology ever.

The second film was entirely different. It's "Julie & Julia" the comedy drama based on the life of food writer and cook Julia Child and the blogger Julie Powell. You get two biographies in one in this film. It's very funny and easy to watch, if it's still on at a cinema watch it.