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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

09 Oct 2009


The UK is a real techno laggard. I'm ashamed of how backwards we are in the UK. We have poor domestic broadband, terrible IT education and dire open-source adoption. Our own government seems hell bent of spending more money than anyone else on failed closed source IT projects and seems unable to adopt open source and save billions: Open Source and the Fear of Failure.

Meanwhile our neighbours across the Channel seem to be running away with technology. They have good domestic broadband provision and several high profile open source projects driven from central government. So far they have saved a fortune and not had the same dismal failures that the UK has been plagued with: FR: "Almost entire public sector is using open source'.

What has happened to British inventiveness and forging the future in the white heat of technology? I suppose we've swapped it all for buying our way out of depression with borrowed money...