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14 Oct 2009

Arora and Chrome

Now and then I do some web development work. I therefore play around with various web browsers to see how the render different pages, and see how fast or slow then run.

I used Netscape from the early betas through to version 4 when it became an obsolete and buggy monster. I then spent a lot of time using Opera until the Mozilla Gecko browsers became stable and useable, when I switched to Firefox (in it's many names). I've mostly used Firefox ever since. Even though it's always better than IE (which is slow and buggy) I've started to find Firefox too slow for general browsing.

For the past month or so I've been using the Arora Browser. It's based on the same KHTML/WebKit rendering engine that Konqeror and Safari use but uses a light weight Qt front end. I've found it much faster than Firefox on the same box and even faster than Konqeror.

Today I tried Google's Chrome. Like Arora it's based on KHTML/WebKit but uses an (ugly - in my opinion) GTK front end rather than Qt/KDE. Web pages seem fast, the more complex ones are faster than Arora and therefore everything else. The less complex the page the less the speed advantage over Arora. So far no crashes, but without an AdBlocker I don't think it will get that much use...