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24 Nov 2009

SAP UK&I User Group Meeting (Day 2/Home)

Our talk went very well - though there were only a handful of attendees. I wasn't able to cover any of the technical detail of how we did it all - legal wouldn't let us say anything useful. It was all done with standard Perl and ABAP but if I told you how I'd have to kill you!

The train ride home was slow and tedious but I made it home all in once piece with all my SAP user group mementoes...

SAP UK&I User Group Meeting (Day 2)

Dinner at Old Trafford was good, got back to my MASSIVE suite at the Midland at a civilised time for a decent night's kip.

Breakfast was good - don't know if it was worth the £10 that the company paid for it though.

More talks today, ours is towards the end. First off there was some body language person, interesting but not really that relevant. So far the talks have been very below par, poorly constructed and not very well presented. The more you look round the more you realise how really good our SAP system and team is relative to other firms.