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24 Dec 2009

Evicted Again

What I have been expecting for some time has happened. The national media has been hyping houses to death and no doubt our "unwilling-landlord" has decided that now is the best time to evict us and sell their house.

It's their house and I have no problem with them trying to sell it, to be honest we don't like it, it's small, cold and poorly built, however moving is a royal pain in the arse and a "notice to quit" is such a lovely Christmas present. Given that winter is the absolute low point in the UK property market and we lose a fortnight to Christmas and New Year it's going to be really dreadful to find another hovel to rent in time...

This has happened before, and as last time our only consolation is that with property prices again falling and things expected to get noticeably worse next year, my landlord is probably going to be worse off than me by the end of next year.

22 Dec 2009

Basingstoke Slides To A Halt...

As this February Boringstoke fell to pieces with a light dusting of snow. Today I "worked from home", I could have easily gone to work, the trains were running perfectly. My car driving colleagues couldn't go to work though, many of them didn't get home until the small hours of this morning and none of them fancied venturing out again.

Basingrad was on the radio this morning and the TV at lunch time. Apparently two or maybe three thousand car drivers got stuck in the snow-hour traffic. Given that there are maybe fifty thousand people in town that's 4-6%. Cars make a lot of noise, pollution but aren't that important when push comes to shove...

The total snow fall over the weekend and earlier this year was pretty minor, only just enough for a good snowball fight or a bit of sledging. There were no snow drifts waist deep or arctic temperatures below -10°C and on both occasions the weather forecast was pretty reliable. There was no excuse, companies shouldn't have opened yesterday and today they could easily run with skeleton staff. Tomorrow will be a normal work day - but that won't be nice for me as all the roads and pavements will by bottle by then...

17 Dec 2009

Presentations and Slides

It's really interesting to compare the difference between presentations given in a typical corporate situation, e.g. SAP UK&I Meeting and at a more community level, e.g. London Perl Workshop.

In a typical work setting the slides are done on a corporate template, which usually has a poor choice of colours and doesn't present well. Usually it's a white background and as a logo and other space wasting non-sense. Most of the LPW slides were personally done, with a black background and little or no superfluous imagery.

While everyone is different, it was fair to say the the standard of presenters at the LWP was vastly superior to the SAP UK&I meeting. The timing was better, the style easier to follow and the general result was better. There were some good talks at SAP and some poor ones at the LWP but the averages were much in favour of the community.

Finally most of the community slides are now up on SlideShare for anyone to look at, the SAP ones are on a password protected site...

Is it any wonder that business continue to get things wrong...?

15 Dec 2009

Finger II

The finger I broke last year is most unhappy again. This is not good as I need my right hand to use a keyboard to do my job...