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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

17 Dec 2009

Presentations and Slides

It's really interesting to compare the difference between presentations given in a typical corporate situation, e.g. SAP UK&I Meeting and at a more community level, e.g. London Perl Workshop.

In a typical work setting the slides are done on a corporate template, which usually has a poor choice of colours and doesn't present well. Usually it's a white background and as a logo and other space wasting non-sense. Most of the LPW slides were personally done, with a black background and little or no superfluous imagery.

While everyone is different, it was fair to say the the standard of presenters at the LWP was vastly superior to the SAP UK&I meeting. The timing was better, the style easier to follow and the general result was better. There were some good talks at SAP and some poor ones at the LWP but the averages were much in favour of the community.

Finally most of the community slides are now up on SlideShare for anyone to look at, the SAP ones are on a password protected site...

Is it any wonder that business continue to get things wrong...?