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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

06 Jan 2010


We made it home without any delays. Our trains were running bang on time, well 1 minute late into Basingrad - but that counts as on-time... It had snowed, just as the news said, but was hardly 20 cm, more like 5 cm. Not a problem to anyone on foot with decent shoes but I'm sure it caused chaos for car drivers.

Euro Snow

Because of severe snowfalls in Kent customers were offered free travel another day deals in Paris this morning. At the moment we are speeding though the Kent country side looking out at the pretty but not very light dusting of snow. I suppose they got their fingers burnt badly in the run up to XMas, so they are taking no chances today, even if there is barely enough snow for a decent snow ball fight...

Eurostar In The Snow

Yesterday when we checked the evening news we discovered that southern England was under a blanket of snow - and not the feeble "pretend" snow of 2009, a real fall of 20-30 cm.

We checked and the national rail services seem to be running okay and Eurostar are running a mostly okay service, so we decided to try our luck and set of home from Paris.

We arrived at Gare du Nord in time and went through security and border control without a problem. The gates opened on time and we made it to our carriage only to be sent to another one. We legged it all the way to the other end of the train and we are now sitting in business class. They still don't have enough power sockets but that should be okay, as long as we are not delayed anywhere.