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26 Feb 2010

Minus One Life

On my way home today, I spotted a cat bounding along to my left. It passed me the cut across my path on the pavement then out into the main road right in front of a passing car. The driver stopped the car at once as he felt the "thump" but the by then then cat had bounded off into someone's garden. The car most definitely hit the cat and there was a puff off white fur, but the cat lept away without even so much as a limp!

21 Feb 2010


Our new house has a Hotpoint washing machine in it. We had one before and like the previous model, this one destroys clothes. Yesterday we swapped it for our John Lewis (Electrolux), which not only gets the clothes cleaner it also has the advantage that it doesn't destroy them.

16 Feb 2010

BT Again

I don't like BT. When we moved house BT actually moved the phone line in time, this time. If it wasn't for the annoying call centre operative who was trying to sell me ADSL, everything seemed to go very well.

Today I got a call from my ADSL provider to tell me that they can't set up my line, as the phone number isn't in the "database" yet. I'd call BT but I can't find the paperwork with their paperwork yet - it is somewhere in the house I'm just not sure...

House Move III

Over the weekend we moved house again. Our last landlord like the preceding one chose to try and sell the house from under us. The preceding landlord failed to sell and was forced to put the house back on the rental market - having missed the peak of the boom by about six months.

The new house is marginally larger than the two previous ones and significantly better built than the previous one. We hope that the current house will be only a temporary move our plans to but our own house are progressing and with luck we'll only be here for month or two.

We are gradually getting good at the house moving game. So far as we unpack, nothing seems to have been broken and everything appears to be in order. When we eventually move for the last time, I hope things will go as well.

09 Feb 2010

British Government Insanity

Just as most other governments are advising people not to use Microsoft IE, the British government is actually encouraging people to use it. It's utter insanity...

Government advice: Browse safely with Microsoft (sic).

Anyone who knows anything about the Internet would not let a child use it unsupervised or use IE when there are many better and safer browsers to choose. Yet again the UK government in the pocket of Microsoft.

02 Feb 2010


Yesterday I needed to write a cheque. It took me several minutes to find my cheque book and then I had to check the correct order to write the sum and name. I wrote two cheques each in 2007 and 2008 and none in 2009. It's a wonderfully quaint and obsolete process, perfectly suited for solicitors and estate agents!

To be honest, estate agents and our solicitor do communicate with email and even do electronic funds transfers, but still an awful lot of paper still moves about in the post!