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01 Apr 2010

House Contract Exchange

Our legal team are doing the contract exchange as I type. They tried to do the exchange yesterday but failed because the other legal people had gone home for the day - some lawyers evidently don't work as hard as other ones...

Serving Notice

For the first time in a long time we have served notice to our landlord rather than the other way around. It's a pity, our current house is the best of the houses we have had in the UK. It has no garden, but it's the best internal space and noticeably better built that the others.

Yesterday we started the process of exchanging contracts on our own house. The new house is not perfect, it's a semi not detached and the garden is tiny, but on the upside it's a decent size internally (over 120 m2), in the right location, and fair price (by local standards).

The house is cosmetically dull and inoffensive but clean and livable. Our plans are to live in the house a year or so then start our own grand designs on refurbishing it. I want to drag it out of dark ages with regards thermal efficiency, put structured CAT-6a through out the building and add back some nice Art Deco touches to the building.

I can't say the process has been pain free. We have been looking to buy for past 8 years. Most of the time it's been an absurd process, house prices in "la la" land and utterly unaffordable. However on the upside we have made great strides on saving money - being a tight northerner helps - so when we found we almost liked we were is a strong position to buy.