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11 Apr 2010

Microsoft Panic

For years Microsoft left IE to rust and in the process held the whole Internet back for years. There was no point in making a decent modern web site that followed the standards, while every modern browser would work fine, IE didn't and as it commanded a near monopoly you excluded most users.

Gradually Mozilla's Firefox and more recently Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome have increased market share to such a point that many people have actually upgraded to a better browser and it's now worth making modern sites. As people have started to use modern sites they have started to notice that IE is poor and slow in comparison to everything else.

Microsoft couldn't do anything other than actually upgrade their browser, even they couldn't spin their way out of the mess of their own creation. First came IE7 then IE8, and even though it was possible that they would give up, there may even be an IE9. It's fair to say that while each new version is better than it's predecessor, they are not as good as the alternatives, IE is slow and buggy no matter how you look at it when compared with Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

A few weeks ago the EU forced Microsoft to offer their Windows customers a choice of browser to European customers. Now that people know that they are actually supposed to pick a browser and they don't have to have IE, the market share of ever other browser than IE has gone up again, and IE has fallen drastically low in some markets.

As as result Microsoft has gotten of their arse and started to improve their product, IE9 may support an almost complete set of standards, nearly a decade late but still better late than never. Secondly they have started to advertise their product, as they can't rely on ramming it down people's throat as they have done previously.

Love them or hate them, but when Microsoft became a monopoly they stopped bothering and just milked their monopoly for all it was worth. Even if you like their technology it's very hard to defend their almost total lack of innovation in the past decade.

Find Duplicate Files 0.5_01

It's been a while since I worked on fdf - 0.3 and 0.4. Version 0.4 has annoying bug which I've known about for some time.

Recently I got two emails with suggestions to fix it and other ideas. The ideas are good but as we're in the middle of a house move I don't really have the time to work on them and move house all at the same time.

I've therefore put out a beta release of the next 0.5 version incorporating some of the fixes and the ideas, while I work on the other fixes, suggestions and the changes I was planning anyway.

House Move IV

Next week the contracts are completed and we will own our own house. This time we have not been forced out by a greedy landlord - I almost feel sorry for our current one who has been better than the previous ones.

We have no specific reason to own our house, it's a waste of money and in the long term bad for the economy locking billions of pounds up in unproductive bricks and mortar rather than doing something useful like investing for the future. On the up side for once it means we get to pick what is in the house and what colour walls are.

In the medium term we have various plans for the house, proper modern insulation in the loft and under the ground flour, modern high efficiency appliances, re-wired mains with enough sockets in the right places and CAT-6a structured cable in all rooms. One idea is for a rear south facing solar room to be built to make the most out of the free solar heat.