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07 May 2010

Two Out Of Three....

The lack-lustre general election is over. I didn't get the result I wanted: a Liberal Democrat Government but then I hardly expected that. Most people are easily fooled by the other parties and they vote for 5 more years of lies....

I did get two wishes though, Brown lost in a pretty major way, and Cameron hasn't won. A balanced parliament with LibDems as King makers is an acceptable outcome. The (mostly Tory) press is in apoplexy, warning that somehow it would be better if 30% of the people were able to gain a majority in parliament and "lord it" over the real majority for the next five years. In truth most European governments seem to work quite well, many noticeably better than the UK's and they are mostly coalitions. Indeed the two Tory parties in the UK, "The Conservatives" and "New Labour" are coalitions themselves of groups of people who don't really agree on lots of issues.

The next few days will be interesting. With luck the LibDems will moderate the nuttier wings of either of the other two parties and a coalition will be able to tackle the mess the country is in.