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08 Jun 2010

New Year's Jam

A bit later than intended, but today I've made my first batch of jam in our new house and for 2010. I made rhubarb and ginger jam using the Mr Miot Method. I started with 1 Kg of frozen and defrosted rhubarb, a frozen and defrosted lemon, 800 g of granulated sugar, 250 g crystallised ginger (finely chopped). However, the rhubarb didn't release much juice when defrosted so I added 200 ml of water to stop the sugar from burning. It made two large pots to keep and two medium and two tiny to give away.

It's the second time I've use Mr Miot jamming method and it is very easy to work with - well worth copying. Buy his book if you want to know how to make really good jam: Maison Francis Miot.

Today was also the first time using our new John Lewis (Smeg) cooker in anger. It performed very well and I'm glad we bought it.