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17 Jun 2010

What Were They Doing?

This spring we moved into a new house. We are using the same energy company as the previous owners so we can compare our energy use this year against their usage last year.

There were three of them in the house compared with just two of us, but when we viewed the house we didn't see plasma TVs in every room, it seem very normal.

Our energy use as a percentage of the previous owner's.

Though it's not a strict comparison, though I have been taking fortnightly meter readings they are not all used and power company does tend to average out previous years. On the power companies own figures it's an estimated 4.6 tonnes CO2 reduction on last year if we continue at our current energy use rate for the year.

Given that I leave a server running 24x7 at home, what on earth were they doing that used so much gas and electricity? If you are thinking hot water - it's not that, our is solar powered!