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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

11 Jul 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been and will continue to be busy.

Friday evening started with reassembling my bike chain - a rather messy business but it's done now.

Yesterday we went to Andover in the morning. We started at the Le Creuset warehouse sale, where we got a good price on a 3-ply 24 cm/6 l casserole pan, nearly half the retail price. We then went into town and did a quick whizz round Waitrose getting all the stuff we can't get in Basingstoke. On our way home we went to our local PYO farm to get redcurrants (Ribes rubrum).

In the afternoon we went down to "The Chalkies" to help the local Wildlife trust carry out a Cut-leaved Germander (Teucrium botrys) survey. Several hours later we made it home for a round of house work.

Today started with more house work and several hours turning redcurrants into redcurrant juice suitable for jamming tomorrow. The dining room currently smells of turpentine as we have waxed the dining room furniture today. Turpentine may may not be very good for you but it smells fantastic and as it evaporates out of the polish it leaves a gorgeous wax shine behind!

Next I have to realign the derailleur gears on my bike and the then it will be time for a nice cup of tea!