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30 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 08-09)

Yesterday we packed up our tent and said good-by to the campsite and drove south to Karnag. As we arrived in plenty of time we took a detour down the spine of Quiberon and had lunch on the beach along the "Savage Coast" that faces the Bay of Biscay. After lunch we made our way to the camp site in Beaumer to the east of Carnac-Plage.

After we had put the tent up we walked down to the beach, and then along 1 km see front into busy heart of Carnac-Plage. We had some very uninteresting ice-creams and bought dinner that we had when we got back to the camp-site.

Today should have been a nice bike ride back out to Quiberon, then a walk round the headland and then biking back. It didn't quite go that way, we had almost reached Plouharnel when the quick release-skewer on rear wheel on my bike snapped. We limed back to base and tried to fix the wheel at the camp site, but the hub had seized up so the bike trip was over. Instead we drove to Quiberon and had a shorter walk instead.

28 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 06-07)

Yesterday was our big bike day. The plan was to cycle round the Étel Ria. The day started but it wasn't so great, it wasn't actually raining but it didn't look all to clever. Anyhow after dithering for a while we started of on the ride - we had only been going 10 minutes when the clouds started to break up and the sun came out.

It did actually rain but it only lasted a few minutes and cleared up just as fast as it started. We had a nice hour or so of really nice sun shine and we were able to eat lunch in a sunny spot by the shore. We pressed on round the valley and though it clouded over a little it never actually rained and we made it back all safe and dry.

Today has been more mundane. We started by doing our laundry in village and hanging them out to dry. It's been gloriously sunny all day so the tent has dried from the previous days and all our clothes dried in a matter of hours. Once our clothes were drying we packed what we could back in the car (we move camp tomorrow) then went down to sit on the little beach for a few hours. I'm trying to read "Learning Perl" so I can write a review of it - I managed another chapter before I gave up and dug a hole in the sand which seemed more fun at the time.

Tomorrow we move to Karnag (Carnac).

26 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 05)

Today was wet. It wasn't supposed to be wet, so we had to change our plans. The original plan was to bike to Erdeven and then go for a walk round the nearby megaliths. It was far to wet for that, so instead we drove to village and got some lunch at the market, then drove south to the car park at by the megaliths. The rain had mostly stopped so we went for a walk anyway. The rain came and went all day, but it didn't ruin the walk and the stones look very mysterious in the rain and mist anyway.

When we got back to the campsite the rain had more or less stopped, so we were able to have dinner without any problems, I hope it's going to be dry tomorrow, we have only planned for one in-door day here and we've used it up already!

25 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 04)

Today was damp, so we did our indoor activity. We went up to Lorient to see the former Kéroman submarine base, now a museum. They have a number of exhibits, including a cold-war French submarine to walk around.

The drive to Lorient was dull and uneventful. We arrived at the base before lunch, but for some reason they don't do continuous flow so we had to wait to be let in. The main exhibition is very well done, with lots to keep you occupied, but the tour of the Daphné class diesel-electric patrol submarines "Flore" at the end of the visit was the best bit.

We grabbed lunch at the near-by Tabarly centre then went on to the Davis Tower to visit that. Overall very good, but the fixed entry times for the visits was very odd and not very helpful.

On the way back to the camp site we planned to go shopping but we missed the exit and didn't bother. When we go back to the camp site everything was okay - it had rained all day here too but not very badly. Tomorrow will be standing stones so it better be dry!

24 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 03)

Today was supposed to be a damp day, so we had planned for indoor activities. It turned out to be a nice bright morning, with blue skies and warm sun. So instead of going into town we went for a walk.

We set-off and walked along the bank of the Étel Ria arriving at the town of Étel for midday. After an hour or so looking at all the stuff in the market and grabbing lunch we carried on walking along the bank of the ria until we came out on the coast. We walked along the beach for a bit then followed an in-land route back to Belz and then to the camp site.

We had another camp-side early dinner at the end of a gloriously sunny day.

Our neighbour on the camp site went home to get his PC so that another camper could install some illegal Windows software on it. Why do Windows users insist of stealing software rather than using free and open software instead...?

23 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 02)

Sunny and windy today. We decided to bike into Belz in the morning to check out what the village has to offer. In the afternoon we biked out to the beach overlooking the Bar at the mouth of the Etel. We walked up the beach for a bit and then back down the top of dunes to get back to where we parked the bikes.

We then biked back to the campsite trying to avoid the rain that blew in from the Atlantic. Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we got back to the bridge over the river Etel, we didn't get too wet.

22 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 01)

We arrived in Brittany on a flat Sunday morning. We drove south to our first camp site in Sant-Cadou (Saint-Cado). On the way we stopped for a picnic lunch and a walk round the hydrangea trail in Ploërmel.

After we pitched the tent and had dinner we went for a walk round the village. A very pretty place and apparently very photographed.

21 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 00)

At long last we are on holiday! We packed the in-laws off on their way this morning, loaded up the car and set off for the port. We're going on the Brittany ferry to Sant-Maloù (Saint-Malo) in Brittany.

20 Aug 2010

Mirabelle Jam

My in-laws have been visiting, they dropped of a few kilos of their Normandy mirabelle plumps. I frantically turned them into mirabelle jam before our holiday. Rather nice I think and very unusual in the UK.

15 Aug 2010

Crown "Breatheasy" Paint

Today we used up some more inherited paint, a 2.5 l tin of Crown "Breatheasy" low VOC matt emulsion paint. It will cover 35 m2 of previously painted wall, according to Crown.

First off, it stank to high-heaven, I dread to think what their normal odour paint smells off. My second surprise was that the whole 2.4 l has been consumed painting an area as of less than 20 m2 in our larder. The surface was previously painted masonry, so it may be more thirsty than a normal wall, but even so we got only about 50% expected coverage - less than expected.

In an hour or so it will be time to put another coat of paint onto the walls, with luck the second coat will cover a bit better now that the wall have been sealed with a fresh coat of paint.

07 Aug 2010

ECOS Sierra Matt Wall Paint

We just put a coat of ECOS Sierra matt wall paint onto the kitchen wall. It went on well and has dried up lovely. The kitchen now has a warm Mediterranean feel.

The gloss paint on the doors was much harder to live with. It doesn't look so nice and I found it really hard to put it on. I'll sand it down a bit and try another coat. The gloss on the window frames and skirting boards isn't as bad, again it will look better with a top coat.

ECOS isn't cheap but it's worth it for volatile organic solvent free paint system. All the walls and most of the woodwork have been painted the kitchen doesn't smell of paint and it all dried with in an hour - pretty good going!