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15 Aug 2010

Crown "Breatheasy" Paint

Today we used up some more inherited paint, a 2.5 l tin of Crown "Breatheasy" low VOC matt emulsion paint. It will cover 35 m2 of previously painted wall, according to Crown.

First off, it stank to high-heaven, I dread to think what their normal odour paint smells off. My second surprise was that the whole 2.4 l has been consumed painting an area as of less than 20 m2 in our larder. The surface was previously painted masonry, so it may be more thirsty than a normal wall, but even so we got only about 50% expected coverage - less than expected.

In an hour or so it will be time to put another coat of paint onto the walls, with luck the second coat will cover a bit better now that the wall have been sealed with a fresh coat of paint.