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24 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 03)

Today was supposed to be a damp day, so we had planned for indoor activities. It turned out to be a nice bright morning, with blue skies and warm sun. So instead of going into town we went for a walk.

We set-off and walked along the bank of the Étel Ria arriving at the town of Étel for midday. After an hour or so looking at all the stuff in the market and grabbing lunch we carried on walking along the bank of the ria until we came out on the coast. We walked along the beach for a bit then followed an in-land route back to Belz and then to the camp site.

We had another camp-side early dinner at the end of a gloriously sunny day.

Our neighbour on the camp site went home to get his PC so that another camper could install some illegal Windows software on it. Why do Windows users insist of stealing software rather than using free and open software instead...?