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25 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 04)

Today was damp, so we did our indoor activity. We went up to Lorient to see the former Kéroman submarine base, now a museum. They have a number of exhibits, including a cold-war French submarine to walk around.

The drive to Lorient was dull and uneventful. We arrived at the base before lunch, but for some reason they don't do continuous flow so we had to wait to be let in. The main exhibition is very well done, with lots to keep you occupied, but the tour of the Daphné class diesel-electric patrol submarines "Flore" at the end of the visit was the best bit.

We grabbed lunch at the near-by Tabarly centre then went on to the Davis Tower to visit that. Overall very good, but the fixed entry times for the visits was very odd and not very helpful.

On the way back to the camp site we planned to go shopping but we missed the exit and didn't bother. When we go back to the camp site everything was okay - it had rained all day here too but not very badly. Tomorrow will be standing stones so it better be dry!