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28 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 06-07)

Yesterday was our big bike day. The plan was to cycle round the Étel Ria. The day started but it wasn't so great, it wasn't actually raining but it didn't look all to clever. Anyhow after dithering for a while we started of on the ride - we had only been going 10 minutes when the clouds started to break up and the sun came out.

It did actually rain but it only lasted a few minutes and cleared up just as fast as it started. We had a nice hour or so of really nice sun shine and we were able to eat lunch in a sunny spot by the shore. We pressed on round the valley and though it clouded over a little it never actually rained and we made it back all safe and dry.

Today has been more mundane. We started by doing our laundry in village and hanging them out to dry. It's been gloriously sunny all day so the tent has dried from the previous days and all our clothes dried in a matter of hours. Once our clothes were drying we packed what we could back in the car (we move camp tomorrow) then went down to sit on the little beach for a few hours. I'm trying to read "Learning Perl" so I can write a review of it - I managed another chapter before I gave up and dug a hole in the sand which seemed more fun at the time.

Tomorrow we move to Karnag (Carnac).