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30 Aug 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Day 08-09)

Yesterday we packed up our tent and said good-by to the campsite and drove south to Karnag. As we arrived in plenty of time we took a detour down the spine of Quiberon and had lunch on the beach along the "Savage Coast" that faces the Bay of Biscay. After lunch we made our way to the camp site in Beaumer to the east of Carnac-Plage.

After we had put the tent up we walked down to the beach, and then along 1 km see front into busy heart of Carnac-Plage. We had some very uninteresting ice-creams and bought dinner that we had when we got back to the camp-site.

Today should have been a nice bike ride back out to Quiberon, then a walk round the headland and then biking back. It didn't quite go that way, we had almost reached Plouharnel when the quick release-skewer on rear wheel on my bike snapped. We limed back to base and tried to fix the wheel at the camp site, but the hub had seized up so the bike trip was over. Instead we drove to Quiberon and had a shorter walk instead.