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08 Sep 2010

Gage Jam

When we bought our house this spring it came with a fruit tree. We are still not 100% sure what it is but it is a variety of gage, probably a Cambridge Gage (they are currently popular in the UK).

Our tree is quite young and still small and not in a very good location in the garden, so the fruit are not as sweet as green gages we bought while on holiday. Yesterday we picked about 4-5 kg of fruit off the tree and I jammed up 2 kg of the fruit with the rest for jamming tonight.

The method is as for the mirabell jam that I made just before going on holiday. For 1 kg of cleaned and de-stoned fruit you need 700 g of sugar, 200 ml of water and the juice of half a lemon. You put the sugar, water and lemon juice in the jam pan and bring up to the boil, then add the cleaned fruit and return to the boil (121°C), continue boiling for 20 minutes then pot. The yield was 7x370 g pots and three 25 g taster pots.

Very different from the damson jams I made a number of years ago. When we chop the Eucalyptus tree in the garden down we'll have to plant a damson plum of some sorts, more fruit trees is the way to go in the garden.