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25 Sep 2010

Bonus Holiday

Just before we went away on our holiday this summer old friends from UMass Amherst and UC Riverside said they would be in the UK and asked if they could visit. We arranged a few days off and agreed to host them and show them round.

On Thursday we drove up to Oxford to show them the city. We saw where "Morse" had his fatal heart attack, had a peek in the Bodleian Library, the Museum of the History of Science, had a look at our friends new book in Blackwell's book shop "Control of Pests and Weeds by Natural Enemies" and generally took in the city.

Yesterday we went up to London to do more touristy things. We started at the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, then worked our way through to the City of London, Saint Paul's Cathedral, The Palace of Westminster ending up at the Natural History Museum for their first ever evening of science: "After Hours: science uncovered". By complete fluke* our guide for the evening on parasitoids was a friend of our friends, and we even managed to squeeze in the Dinosaur tour by torch light. I've never seen the Museum so busy and best off all it wasn't over run by screaming children. Science may not be high on the agenda in the UK but it's not completely been driven out by the cult of celebrity.

We dropped them off at the airport this morning and we're missing them already. I think I'm feeling all nostalgic for my old life as an academic...!

* If you will pardon the pun...