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26 Sep 2010

Current Cost Meter

Last Year Andy gave a fascinating talk at our LUG meeting all about connected data in the house. He is a top IBM scientist and involved in their messaging stuff, but he is also a very decent chap and has done wonders for gathering and using data around the home.

At the meeting I very nearly bought a Current Cost Meter but I didn't have any cash with me. This summer my power company offered me one for free and just before our summer holidays it arrived in the post.

The device is a E.On branded Current Cost Envi unit. E.On only talk about Windows but the official software is for Windows or Mac, however it works perfectly well out of the box in Linux with, "no software required". Using my Super Cow Powers - well actually a Perl script and the RRDtool package - we now have real-time and historic electricity usage graphs.

All I need to do now is use the data sensibly to reduce energy use around the home, saving money and reducing my carbon footprint.