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18 Nov 2010

Apache Proxy

Many moons ago I set up a number of Apache web servers. I tinkered with various modules, one being the proxy tools. While I may have a go with nginx in the near future for performance reasons, Apache/mod_proxy isn't something I've used or needed in a very long time.

Today I set up mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http on a work server, to solve a problem with sub-optimal server architecture because of weak technical understanding in the marketing team in another part of the company in another country. It's a classic technical fix that should not be required...

16 Nov 2010

Eve's Pudding 2

This weekend a neighbour gave us a load of baking apples so I cooked some, cooked some and froze them and with some more I made an Eve's Pudding. I've done this before but this time I used the BBC/Waitrose method which uses more eggs that I would have otherwise.

It makes far more than the BBC/Waitrose say, serves 8 not 4 as they say. I also think that it helps if you substitute a little cider for water...!

06 Nov 2010

What Were They Doing III?

The continuing energy use saga... Following my previous report we now have another bill from the utility and more data than last time. At the moment we are in rather a lot of credit with the power company - though they have at least knocked £100 off the monthly direct-debit payment - even so we'll still be a long way in credit in the spring.

EnergyAprilMay JuneJuly AugustSeptemberOctober
Our energy use as a percentage of the previous owner's.
In Summary, a 54% overall energy reduction, made up of a 77% electricity and a 28% gas reduction.

In no way is it a strict comparison, in fact the stupid gas changes are probably proof that the month to month figures are not a true picture. However the aggregate picture is probably fair, on the power companies annal figures it's an estimated 6.5 tonnes CO2 reduction on last year if we continue at our current energy use rate for the year.

03 Nov 2010

Census 2011

Soon the UK will go through the non-sense of the census. Last time in 2001 there was a big fuss because more people put Jedi, more than the number of identifying Sikhs, and more than Jews and Buddhists combined.

This time round the British Humanist Association are encouraging people to tick the "no religion" box if they aren't really religious. Many people who don't partake in organised religion any more and don't even think of themselves as religious, give strength to the religious fringe trying to manipulate British politics if they tick a religion box on the census.

If you are religious then go ahead and tick the box, but unless you a practising member of a religion please don't.