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29 Dec 2010

Edimax EW-7711ln

Today I spent most of the afternoon trying to get Ubuntu to play ball with an Edimax EW-7711In PCI WiFi card. On the Edimax website they allow you to download Ralink RT3070 drivers for the Linux kernel. We downloaded a more recent version of the driver from Ralink, as we had problems with the file from the Edimax web site.

We installed the right bits and kernel-headers, compiled it all, installed it and network-manager ignored it. We tried a few tweaks and still it was ignored. We then re-seated the card to make sure that wasn't a problem - it wasn't. However I noticed that the chip on the board was a Ralink RT3060, which is also what lspci showed.

I then downloaded the RT3062 family driver - RT3060/RT3062/RT3562/RT3592. We repeated the make dance and it popped up in network-manager the second we modprobe'd it....