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31 Dec 2010

2010 - 2011

Another year is about to end. Looking back at what I've predicted in the past, I've not done too bad. Gordon managed to delay the recession in the UK by flooding the country with cheap credit. Now we have the ConDem coalition, the easy credit tap has to be turned off, so the while the recession has been delayed - 2011 should be the year of UK recession.

On the IT front things have gone as I feared:

  • Microsoft continues to get nothing right and their loyal customers continue to get a very raw deal. As long as the monopoly holds and the money keeps rolling in, their shareholders will sit tight, but they do need a new CEO...
  • Apple continue to get nothing wrong, no matter how much they cock-up.
  • Google are on still on a roll even though they have had the odd cock-up. 2011 could be interesting once they have both their own Linux OS and Linux phone OS in the market.
  • Linux continues to grow everywhere and even on the desktop, though still not noticed yet by the media. The Linux based Kindle being the most popular thing sold by Amazon ever.

Bye bye 2010, Happy New 2011!