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06 Feb 2011

Growing KVM Virtual Filesystem #2

This weekend I completed my expansion of the filesystem for work's development and production KVM systems. In the end I did the expansion on the server not my own systems, but I did use the technique I developed used last week on my own server. In the end even though my domestic ADSL connection is faster than works AT&T network, neither are fast enough to move about multi-gigabyte files.

Work now has nice shiny expanded servers ready for work. The next challenge will be to upgrade them to Debian 6.0 from the 5.0.8 that they are currently running. As Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" has only just been released I won't be doing it in a rush. I've got two systems at home, two systems with family, and three systems at work to upgrade before I tackle the hosted systems I look after.