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24 Mar 2011

Upgrading to Squeeze

I have started the process of upgrading all my boxes from Debian 5 "Lenny" to Debian 6 "Squeeze". I started about a week before the actual release of Squeeze by upgrading VM images first, they were the simplest to upgrade and the easiest to roll-back in the event of a problem. There were zero problems on these simple systems.

Next I upgraded my home server - on which the VMs live. This system has more on it and there were some manual tweaks required because of changes to configuration files and such, but overall it went it without a problem.

Finally I upgraded my partner's desktop system. This was the most complex system to-date, having the most installed on it and it was the oldest system, having started life running Sarge. There were several problem with the upgrade - mostly because of manual changes that have been applied in the past, and even after the upgrade there was still quite a lot of antiquated programs left behind that needed manual removal.

All that is left to upgrade now are the remote systems, such as this system which I'll do shortly. Overall a fairly painful process - many thanks to the Debian team.

04 Mar 2011

Allotment Plot

Last year we bought our own house. It's a very nice 1930s semi and perfect for our needs in all ways but one - the garden is tiny. A few years ago I asked a local farmer if he had a small plot land he wasn't farming that we could put some trees on. Last weekend we put 5 apple and 3 plum trees into a small plot we are now renting from the farmer.

It was very hard work digging holes into chalky/flint soil, then banging in the timber supports. After that we had to push several wheel-barrow loads of manure and mulch up the lane to the plot to prepare the holes and top them out once planted in.

I'm not expecting any fruit this year, especially as they were planted a bit late, but in 5 years I'm expecting plenty of apples and plums!

We put in the following varieties:

  • Worcester Pearmain M26
  • Orleans Reinette M26
  • Egremont Russet M26
  • Cox's Orange Pippin M26
  • Ashmead's Kernel M26
  • Mirabelle de Nancy
  • Opal Plum St Julien A
  • Merryweather Damson St Julien A
  • Meeche's Prolific Quince A*

* The Quince went in the front garden not the allotment.