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04 Apr 2011

Web Stats

It's been a while since I reported web stats for my web server. A lot has happened since 2009. Google has thrown a lot of effort at pushing their Chrome browser, Microsoft have eventually woken up and released a half decent browser - though only for their new operating system, and Mozilla have radically updated Firefox.

Browser Engine 2007 2008 2011 to date
MS IE 72.3 66.4 31.8
Mozilla Gecko 22.7 30.2 54.8
Opera 2.0 1.5 2.2
khtml/web-kit 3.0 2.0 11.3

It's fair to say that MSIE has lost a catastrophic amount of market share. While IE9 is generally considered a good browser, it's limited to Windows Vista and 7, which still don't have much market share, relative to Windows XP. All the competition make their browser available for Windows XP, so many Windows users are clearly voting with their feet and using another browser than the one Microsoft provide.

Mozilla seems to be doing very well with Firefox. Version 4 hasn't been released long enough to show up much in these statistic but as in previous years most Firefox users are using the more recent versions, suggestion more upgrade loyalty than IE.

Opera continues to hang on, it clearly hasn't made the break through they would like, but it also hasn't disappeared without trace.

Finally there is the amazing khtml/web-kit family of browsers. In the past this was just the Linux/KDE browser Konqueror, but more recently Apple use it for Safari and Google based Chrome on it. Most of these hits are from Chrome (7.6%) with Safari picking up the balance (3.8%). While it's clear that Safari has gone up, more than doubled, Chrome is clearly the winner in the new browser stakes.

Hants-LUG Meeting

It's a pain* getting a venue for a LUG meeting. You need power, Internet connections, somewhere to park cars, proximity to usable public transport, and it needs to be in the right place in the county.

In the past we have used the University of Southampton, which was easy to arrange as it was done for us by a staff member who was also a LUG member. It's an excellent venue and has been the home of the LUG for many years, however we lost our last staff LUG member last year and that means we have been reliant of students. In all honesty our student member have been great, but they don't have the same rites on campus as staff, they go home during the vacations and they keep completing their studies!

Last Saturday we had a meeting at the University with a new student host. Attendance could have been better but the meeting went very well on a technical front, and we should be okay there next month. The hope is that I can get enough students involved so that they can share the responsibility around and cover about 6 months of the year. For the other 6 months we can visit other locations such as IBM or shared meetings with Surrey.

I'm hoping that with this month, next month and the following months booked, there should be enough stability for talks to reappear in the calendar and re-invigorate the LUG. I've already been "volunteered" to give a talk on video connectors...

* Actually it's not that bad, people do keep offering venues.