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11 Apr 2011

Vaughan Millennium Orchard

Yesterday we biked over to Hartley Wintney to have a look at their community orchard.

We biked out of the village and took the Harrow Way to Clarken Green where crossed the B3400 and looped through Oakley to join Pack Lane into Basingstoke. We dodged the nasty Basingstoke traffic to Hackwood Road where we joined the A339 for a 100 m until we turned left onto Tunworth Road which we followed to Mapledurwell, then we took the Greywell Road to Greywell. From Greywell we took The Street and Deptford Lane to Odiham. After Odiham we went out on Farnham Road to join the A287 for a 100 m when we turned right onto the B3016 London/Odiham Road which took us all the way to Hartley Wintney.

Other than the Basingstoke traffic and the dreadful road surface on the B3016 is was a very pretty trip there and we arrived in time for a picnic lunch at the orchard. We took lots of pictures and had a good look round, before our return trip.

We came back a different route. Our of Hartley Wintney we took West Green Road towards Mattingley, then the B3349 Reading Road before turning right into Cowfold Lane going to Rotherwick. We then took The Street (different one...) Ridge Lane and Newham Lane to skirt round Tynley Hall. We arrived at Old Basing and followed another The Street through the village, onto Redbridge Lane to a very badly signed bike crossing over the A30. From there we went through Black Dam and negotiated the rest of Basingstoke's dreadful traffic back onto Pack Lane and then home.

A very pretty bike ride, except Basingstoke, and mostly good surfaces and good traffic levels. There were the usually nasty BMW/Audi drivers, but overall not bad at all for a sunny Sunday. Round trip ~74 km, ~20 kmh-1, max ~48 kmh-1, and 3:40 h of rolling time.