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15 May 2011

Hartley Wintney Bike Loop

Yesterday we decided to bike the bike loop to Hartley Wintney. We didn't go to the Community Orchard this time, just looped back on ourselves directly. It wasn't as warm as last time, which is good as I'm prone to over heating.

The return trip was into a fearsome headwind - particularly strong on Pack Lane between Basingstoke and Oakley. Without a headwind it's a nice enough road and you can make good speeds but it is exposed and you can seriously lose out if you catch a headwind - you never seem to get a tail wind no matter the direction you go!

At about 66 km on the loop I "hit the bonk" (aka hit the wall). There are three up-hills to the village, a long slow climb that's usually not to bad, after a nice down hill there is a short nasty climb from Nuttley Bottom up "The Nemesis" to the top of the ridge and finally there the climb to the house. The long climb was much slower than it should have been and very uncomfortable. Going up Nemesis Hill it felt like I had battery acid in the veins in my legs, by the final climb to the house I could have collapsed.

Last time we did the loop we had a long stop in Hartley Wintney to look at the orchard, where we had some food and a fruit drink. Yesterday we didn't have a long break, just a short pause after Odiham to have a snack. We also pushed harder on this trip and had the headwind to contend with on the return.

Even having said all that I achieved a higher average speed and top speed than the last time we did the loop. Next time I need to eat more carbohydrate on the long trips and I should be okay.

Stats: ~72.4 km, ~21 kmh-1, max ~54 kmh-1, and 3:24 h of rolling time.

People Voted No To Fair Votes

The referendum didn't go the way I wanted. I'm not surprised. While the reason to vote yes was strong, our current system is dreadful and any system, including AV is better, it was very poorly argued for.

There is virtually no reason to support the status quo, but the no forces were very loud, well funded by big business and used every dirty trick in the book.

  • It's hardly surprising that most MPs were against the change - some of them would have to get off their fat arses and work for a change.
  • Big media didn't want it as it would make it harder to put and keep politicians in their pockets.
  • The tories were against it because demographically it would make it harder for them.
  • Clegg is very unpopular personally, so because he was for AV makes it easy to vote No for a lot of people. This is an utterly stupid reason but I think it did make a difference.

It's possible for the rest of my life we'll be stuck with one of the most unfair voting systems in the democratic world. The only plus side to the election is that my local LibDem councillor was re-elected, though people voting labour out of spite nearly let the Tory candidate in - did I mention "First past the post" is a crap system?