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29 May 2011

110 km

Today we went for a bike ride. This one was meant to be longer, about 100 km, in practice for our London/Paris adventure. To avoid resource starvation we took more food with us this time, and to avoid it being rejected we ate it more frequently and in smaller aliquotes.

The loop went out west on the B3400 to Whitchurch (a dreadful road surface), the south through Hurtsbourne Priory, Longparish Wherwell, Leckford, Stockbridge. We turned east before we reached Romsey and crossed the M3 in a long diagonal via Winchester. We then went through Easton, Ovington to Alresford where we turned north, through the Candovers turning west at Axford, returning home via North Waltham.

Stats: ~110 km, Av ~21 kmh-1, max 52.8 kmh-1, and 5:15 h of rolling time.