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11 Jun 2011

London to Paris by Bike (Day 1)

We set off early in the morning for Waterloo station. The train was busy but not full and we had no problems with the bike reservations - SWT can be a pain in the arse.

We started the actual bike ride around 10am as we threaded through the not so busy streets of London. People may have once said they were paved in gold, I'd say they were paved in rubble! It was very slow going and it wasn't until we were long free of the core of London that we were able to pick up any speed. Going over the North and South Downs via our route wasn't too bad and we made it to our B&B in Seaford in good time.

We had a light dinner and plan to turn in early for a good night's sleep. All things considered a good day, nice sun shine and plenty of Soreen to keep us going.