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14 Jun 2011

London to Paris by Bike (Day 4)

To Paris! We started on time, full of food, pain-killers and hope. Today is as long and steep as day 1, so we had to be sensible after day 2 hadn't gone so well.

Most of the way was on smaller empty roads in Normandy, we had lots of fast down hills and a few slower up hills. I got stung twice by bees/wasps through the air vents in my cycle helmet!

As we got closer into Paris, the roads changed to busy in-town traffic or town parks. We had a brief down pour but as we got closer to our goal the sun shine came out!

More or less on time we arrived at the Eiffel Tower - we had done it. We hacked through Paris traffic to another in-laws house for tea! Over all a rolling distance of 328.16 km (door to door), an average speed of 17.4 km/h (better on day 1 and today), max speed of 56.9 km/h on a 2 km 7% downhill and a total rolling time of 18:48:59.