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31 Jul 2011

Wild Plum Jam

We noticed some wild plum trees on our way home this were loaded with fruit. We collected what we could reach and took them home. As usual I use the Miot method, heat the sugar water and lemon juice first to the boiling point, then add the fruit and boil for a further 20 minutes.

Yesterday I processed the smaller red plums. They tasted good but had very little flesh relative to the stone. So I mashed them up and filtered them to produce a coarse juice which I used to make a rustic jelly. It's got a good strong flavour, is very sharp but is actually much clearer than I expected. A success I think.

Today I processed just over kilo of the larger yellow plums. They were just large enough to de-stone, so we de-stoned them and then I made a traditional jam with them. Again compared to commercial cultivars the fruit was less sweet and small, but the flavour was good and they made good sharp jam.

If all goes to plan, tonight I'll jam up the green gages/reine-claudes we collected from the school playing field. These are a standard cultivar and while they are nice and large, like a French grown green gage they are not as sweet as our Cambridge gage in the garden or a French grown (i.e. more sun) green gage. Without doubt green gage jam is my favourite, sweet and full of fruity flavour!